Personal Accomodations

Best Elderly Care has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of your loved one. Delicious, balanced and nutritional daily meals and snacks accommodate everyone’s eating habits and are tailored towards their likes and dislikes. Important social interaction is necessary and is a part of the communal activities calendar designed to promote a family atmosphere. We play bingo, dominoes, exercise, sing, watch old movies and enjoy our time with each resident.

Partner with Professionals

In addition to all the services provided at Best Elderly Care, we also provide Hospice, Home Health Care Services, ambulatory treatment, laboratory services (including, X-ray and blood work) through other medical providers with whom we have partnered with since January of 2000. Best Elderly Care takes pride in supporting local businesses establishing strong business liaison with most Hospice and home health care providers in the valley.

Balanced Meals

We serve a variety of three courses and gourmet style meals and snacks. Nutritional value according to the individual dietary needs and approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services. All meals are made from scratch with wholesome ingredients and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Residents will enjoy a selection of dinner menus and a variety of cuisine and flavors. Our menu extends from American food to Mexican, Cuban, Italian, Caribbean and much more. Exclusive and elegant meal presentation to stimulate appetite.


Weekly live music show by professional entertainer. We offer weekly offsite outings to residents who would like to participate. This allows for continued independence and stimulation Daily activities; walks, domino’s, bingo, puzzles by staff. We celebrate every resident’s birthday as well as holidays. At parties, we provide food, entertainment, and fun. Families and friends are encouraged to participate. Weekly volunteer participation to play games and to interact with residents. Reading literature and current event presentations. Watching group movies and listening to music.

Professional Support

Best Elderly Care offers professional support and three levels of care services; supervisory, personal, and direct care. Best Elderly Care is affiliated with Home Health Care professionals and Hospice services to provide best ending care alternatives avoiding transitional changes.


Individualized Care Plans Designed by an R.N. and Frequently Updated


70+ Dinner Menus Gourmet, Homemade Meals Approved by the Arizona State Health Department


Safe and Secure Environment


Cale T.V. & High Speed Internet